Friday, November 20, 2009

Gargantuan Disgrace

Assistant District Attorney William Gargan distinguished himself recently for questionable conduct and incompetence.

Both were prominent in his bringing a fraudulent felony charge against former Monroe County GOP Executive Director Andrew Moore, then suffering the almost unheard of professional disgrace of having the charge pulled by his boss, DA Mike Green, following Green's review.

True to character, Gargan yesterday made excuses for submitting the bill of particulars in the Moore case substantially late and for his unusual delay in submitting filings for yesterday's court hearing.

Gargan said he didn't want to file papers describing evidence claimed against Moore in order to avoid pre-election media attention:

“The last thing our office would want to do is to inject politics into a prosecution.”
  If you didn't want to inject politics into a prosecution, Mr. Gargan, then why, in the first place, did you bring this prosecution just before an election?

  If you delayed the filings that describe the very basis for your prosecution in order to avoid pre-election media attention, then why didn't you file the day after the election, instead of half a month later?

Surely you knew why you were indicting Moore before you did it, right?   Or is it that, as we've suspected all along, you decided to indict first, and figure out why later?   When you have no case and are making it up, it's hard to contrive something that looks like more than a joke, isn't it?   Creative writing takes time.

  And Mr. Gargan:   If politics has nothing to do with it, why were you boasting last summer that you really wouldn't want to be a Republican running this year, after what you were going to drop on them before the election?

These things get around, dear boy.   You need to be more discreet.

Next up:   The political payoff for this indictment, and how it relates to the prosecutor's deliberately late filings.


Anonymous said...

So, I guess you're OK with two public employees (Marone and Moore) conducting political business on their County, taxpayer supported, jobs? I expect County employees to do the public's business, which is not politics. It seems Marone and Moore have blurred the lines between public administration and politics. They are not the same thing.

Lucy said...

Morone's the one who did that.

But with Moore, who said anything about him "conducting political business" on the job? Like most other campaign volunteers, he can do that in addition to his day job. Or does everybody who volunteers to help a campaign have to be unemployed?

Philbrick said...


In addition, Moore's not charged with some "working on company time" claim, but with "coercion."

And the purpose of this piece was to point out Gargan's hypocrisy and dishonesty in posturing about not "injecting politics" into this wholly political prosecution. Moore never would have been indicted had he not held a senior rank in GOP heirarchy at the time the Democrats wanted the public to believe in a Robutrad connection to the GOP party hierarchy.

Withdrawal of the fake felony charge against Moore showed just how badly they overreached. And their tool in that overreaching was Bill Gargan.

We're demonstrating here that Gargan's public explanation for his very late filing of papers in the Moore hearing on Thursday -- Gargan only filed them the same day -- is palpably false.

There was an altogether different motivation and it's directly related to his political payoff for bringing the Moore charges before the election.

Discussing that connection, and Gargan's payoff for abusing his office, is the subject of our next piece on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Typical local Democrat Party strawman argument by 11:16. Because Mustard Street points out what our local liberal media refuses to report (or isn't capable of piecing together) an apparent Morelle's flak makes up a false accusation here and tries to pass it off as fact. Maybe 11:16 is the poor excuse for an ADA Gargan himself. The intelligence level seems to mirror how Gargan has handled this case all along.