Monday, November 2, 2009

Strangers in the Neighborhood

Working Families / ACORN is out in force in Monroe County.

As was done in 2007, Joe Morelle has bussed in unemployed unionists from parts unknown to hit the ground in the competitive Legislative races, courtesy of the shady "Working Families" party. As they walk neighborhoods they are handing out and lit dropping custom printed pieces.

What they are able to do is cover a Legislative district in 2 days time and give a somewhat personal touch. Not only have they been in Monroe County for the past few weeks covering the Legislative Districts over and over again, but they are successful in turning a 2 mail piece weekend into a 2+1 mail weekend. This ability enabled Morelle to increase his candidate’s presence this past weekend by 33% with no postage necessary.

No predictions on wins and losses of County Legislative races due to the use of these “guest workers” from parts unknown -- except they're not from Monroe County. But you have to credit Chairman Morelle with being able to put so many boots on the ground in the very important last few days to shore up his candidates' mediocre ground game. Even so, a visit by the candidate is the best form of contact with the voter.


Anonymous said...

Explain please? What about ACORN?

Lucy said...

Acorn and WFP are closely interconnected.

Anonymous said...

If Maloney wins in Greece, you will see what the WFP is all about. There are SEIU union people from all over the city who will be getting jobs working for the town of Greece.
They will not be educated or talented in the department that they will work or manage. Maloney is a high school dropout. They just have to be on the list provided to Maloney by the WFP and ACORN.