Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Kiss of Death in Webster?

In March, 2009, Monroe County Legislator Carmen Gumina publicly endorses two Democratic candidates for Village Trustee.   Both endorsed candidates are trounced.

More recently, Legislator Gumina endorses Patrick Christopher for Webster Supervisor.  
Christopher loses by 34%.

For Webster Town Board, Mr. Gumina publicly endorses Democratic Town Council candidates Tammy Gurowski and Michael Garbin.   Both get wholloped by Webster voters.

Webster voters, largely Republican, are telling the legislator that they're not buying his party's brand.


simon said...

He will be o for 6 after he endorses himself for re-election in 2011.

AllanBlockhead said...

Perhaps Legislator Gumina is hangin' with the wrong crowd. Now that I think about it, perhaps Legislator O'Brien is as well.

Philbrick, a question for you: Now that the voters have clearly spoken, do you suppose the Robutrad prosecutions will take a different course?