Friday, November 6, 2009

A Guy Who Understands the Election Returns

Congressman Eric Massa, according to Rochester Turning, announced this morning he'll vote against Pelosi's currently proposed health care bill.

Did some posturing as to reasons, in order not to alienate his liberal base, but looks like he got the message.


Anonymous said...

Yes, he understands election returns, all right.
But, the Pelosi-Reid-Obama machine will force independents to vote AGAINST any incumbent Democrats in 2010.
Massa is a Dem in a GOP district to start with, so no matter what he does
he will be voted out, even if the GOP candidate is NO better than him on policies.
I would much prefer a SOLID conservative in NY-29 !

Anonymous said...

Eric Massa is a conservative Democrat. He shows up for work and he actually listens on key issues of concern to many different constituencies. This is much more then can be said of his predecessor. Too bad he is not a Republican.

Observer said...

You got that right. Kuhl was a sorry, lazy farce who was an embarrassment to his party. Sure he fulfilled his promise and visited every town in the district and we felt sorry for him when left-wing pests hounded him at public forums. But every time the guy opened his mouth you wanted to cringe.

Anonymous said...

Massa is NOT a conservative Democrat. He voted against the bill because it wasn't radical enough. He wants single payer, government run healthcare. That is NOT conservative. He's one of Pelosi's stooges and is an embarrassment for a Congressional Rep.