Sunday, November 1, 2009

CD-23: National Press Doesn't Get It

"A struggle for the soul of the Republican Party."  --  Baloney.

As usual, the press doesn't get it.   Scozzafava's dropping out doesn't have to do with that, except collaterally.   It has to do with grassroots New York Republicans fed up with choices their party leaders make for them.

Scozza was chosen by the eleven county GOP Chairmen in the 23rd.   The typical business-as-usual Republican leadership crowd that for decades has cranked out regulation-issue Albany Republicans, whose first and highest thought is about their cushy political jobs and how to keep getting elected.   Then jumping into bed with the public employee unions in order to do it.

If Dede were a fiscal conservative the GOP rank-and-file would have stuck with her regardless of what she thought about gay marriage, abortion or other social issues.   It's her fiscal record that makes her part of the Albany disgrace and therefore unacceptable to grassroots Republicans.

This, by the way, is the same factor that contributed to Randy Kuhl's lukewarm support and outright non-support among the Republican faithful, which ended up costing him his job.   Another Albany-style Republican straight out of Central Casting.


Rottenchester said...

One other thing: these Albany dinosaurs never have to campaign or think on their feet, so they're terrible politicians.

I think that explains a lot of Kuhl's missteps, and it also explains Scozzfava's weird behavior in her pullout/Owens endorsement. She just had no idea what to do. She bowed to pressure and pulled out, then changed her mind and endorsed Owens. You're absolutely right that her staying in and campaigning hard would be much better for Owens.

Babette said...

You're right. It wasn't the social issues. Scozzafava supports the president’s stimulus package, his health care reform plan and “card check” legislation designed to let unions bully their way into workplaces without any secret-ballot election. That's why Republicans rejected their party leaders' choice.