Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Irretrievable Loss

Tuesday's big loss by Monroe County Democrats will resound to their detriment for years to come.   Its implications extend well beyond one election cycle.   Democrats didn't lose just that.   Far more significantly, they lost what would have been the ability to finish Republicans politically at the county level, and to control county government for at least a decade.

The County Legislature elected on Tuesday is the body that will draw new county legislative districts after the 2010 Census.   These will be the districts that legislative candidates contest two years from now, in 2011.

Democrats would have drawn districts slicing up the City like a pie, extending each slice as far into the suburbs as possible without jeopardizing each district's majority-Democratic makeup. Think of Susan John's Assembly district, extending from the City into Chili, or Joe Morelle's Assembly district, that includes the City and Irondequoit.

That opportunity now has been lost to them, come what may in future elections.   The next chance comes in 10 years.

Thus did voters avoid on Tuesday yet another aspect of the Albanization of Monroe County, that would have occurred had Democrats picked up just one more seat in the County Legislature.


simon said...

I have faith in our election system and the American people to vote in such a way to avoid, narrowly sometimes, complete breakdown of what we all own in common, our government and this great land. The voters of Monroe County steered us clear of being taken over by the Albany political machine that would have driven our taxes up to levels not even considered possible by the average taxpayer and would also have taken our liberties from us.
Don’t think that the rank and file Democrat Congressional Representative hasn’t taken notice of the change of heart of the American People. I don’t think that the Congressional votes will be there for socialized healthcare after Tuesday, if they like being employed by the American People. My prediction for next years mid term election is if we have socialized healthcare the GOP takes over the House.

Anonymous said...

Monroe County for the longest time played an integral role in the Albany political machine, until Gov Pataki decided on a career change.

Fortunately, this election yielded a low voter turnout which was and tends to always be a blessing for Republicans and Conservatives.
Bill Reilich has proved his ability to run a campaign.

This election was a lifeboat drill. Hopefully the membership will learn from past indiscretions and remain ever vigilant.

"Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it".
- George Santayana