Friday, November 6, 2009

Rochester Business Alliance: Undermining Its Own Cause?

What was with the Rochester Business Alliance endorsing Democrats Mark Coon and Frank Muscato, a liberal educator, over incumbent County Legislators Rick Antelli, a business owner, and Steve Tucciarello, also a business owner?

The two candidates the RBA chose to not endorse are in fact business people -- part of the RBA's constituency. Election of Muscato and Coon would have flipped the County Legislature to the Democrats. That's the party whose core constituencies insist on the status quo of anti-business policies that have made New York the business equivalent of a toxic waste dump. A Democratic-controlled local legislature would raise taxes and dismantle what little county government can do to offset the poisonous effects of state policies on business.

"Unshackle Upstate" is an RBA effort to get Albany to change its business-killing policies. So why would RBA want to put into power locally the minions of Albany political bosses Morelle, Gantt and John? These are the same people who have helped create, and work to preserve, the unbearable tax and spend government that is New York State.

Sandy Parker, the RBA's CEO, has been a willing stooge for various anti-Republican / anti-county government efforts in the past, in mostly behind-the-scenes or low-profile roles.

Why did she let RBA endorse the Democratic candidates in two of the most competitive races? Word is she was buying favor with Joe Morelle, in hopes of the Democratic nod for a future run for political office.

She should stick to RBA's business. After all, despite all the talk, we haven't seen much unshackling going on, have we?


BanishedtoNF said...

Why must you always ascribe motive to peoples' actions? You may not understand this, but sometimes people do things without the expectation of personal gain. You really need to get a life.

Lucy said...

We don't ascribe motive.

We describe it, based on interviews and research.