Monday, November 30, 2009

"Working Families" Party's Matrix of Deception

The New York City-based publication City Hall has unearthed the complex structure that the state's "Working Families" Party uses to evade the law.

There are, in fact, four arms:   a political party, a for-profit and two different ... non-profits. ...[T]hrough these four arms, ... Working Families has the benefits of a political party (legitimacy in voters’ minds, ballot line), a non-profit (tax-exemptions, uncapped donation limits and tax deductions) and a for-profit (no disclosure requirements, ability to collect fees backed by taxpayer-supported matching funds from candidates).

Working Families has non-profits groups and a for-profit entity that lack donation caps, disclosure requirements ... and other regulations that political parties face.
City Hall obtained internal Working Families documents revealing a straight pay-to-play policy for the party's backing:
...a system of weighting votes based on money for endorsements and nominations.   These indicate that the more money a union contributes to the legally separate non-profit (the Working Families Organization), the more votes the union gets in ... deciding which candidates to back.
An important and revealing investigative piece.


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