Monday, November 9, 2009

Local Elections 2009

On Saturday, we began our analysis of general election results in Monroe County with a look at the Ciaran Hanna  -  Nora Bredes race for County Legislature in Perinton.   In the weeks ahead, we'll be updating our Almanac of Monroe County Politics to discuss all the significant races.

Until then, the best succinct take we've seen on last Tuesday's local results is a reader's comment at Rochester City News:

Maybe voters looked at Joe Morelle's votes in the Assembly, and the Assembly backgrounds of the Democrats in the county legislature (at least 5 of them basically work for Sheldon Silver, directly or indirectly) and concluded they didn't want the Monroe County legislature to raise the budget and taxes quite as fast as the Assembly does.   Or maybe they don't want their towns run with the same quality schools and low crime rate as the City of Rochester, which the Democrats have done such a fine job with over the past 20 years.

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Anonymous said...

the John DeMarco, Brian McCarthy race set the tone for all the leg. races as well! The strong line up of Republican Judges...then McCarthy the Negative versus DeMarco the dragon slayer continued down the line!