Monday, November 16, 2009

Sore Losers

The Democrat and Chronicle is not accepting gracefully its side's massive loss in recent local elections.

Yesterday the paper belatedly gave some prominence to the fact that falsely-accused GOP Executive Director Andrew Moore passed a lie-detector test, showing he was telling the complete truth about the events used as the basis for his indictment in a Robutrad-related matter.

The headline ran, "Moore 'truthful' on test".

That must have been too much for someone at the D&C.  Maybe it even prompted an annoyed phone call from the District Attorney's office.   By this morning, the paper had changed the headline in its online edition to "Polygraph results expected to be part of Robutrad case."

The D&C forgot to make the change in its online index of archived stories, which still carries the original headline that shows Moore's innocence.  (We wonder, who at the D&C's going to get chewed out today for this slip-up?   Not to mention the slip-up on the original headline.)

Leave aside quibbles about the quotes around the word "truthful" in the original headline, which never would have appeared had this been about, say, a drunken Democratic City Council member trying to beat a rap on DWI.   In that case of course, the successful lie-detector test would have been front and center, in repeated articles appearing before the election, not after.

In order to not lose the original headline to posterity, we've scanned the print edition of the story below.

Reading it, we savor all over again one of the sweetest moments of election night:   Andrew Moore's successful reelection to Penfield Town Council, despite everything the Democratic Party - Democrat and Chronicle machine threw at him.


Hannibal said...

The A-Team is proud of its work re-electing Andy Moore. He is a great guy caught-up in a fishing expedition turned witch hunt.

- Hannibal

repoman said...

Your fish-wrapper logo for the D&C becomes more appropriate every day.

Once Bob Matthews retires, I doubt I'll have any reason to subscribe.

The only thing I can say in "defense" of the D&C is that they are no worse than most in their industry today. Have you seen some of the stories written by the AP regarding Obama's Asia trip? The fawning adulation in the "reports" is hard to take. I don't think Pravda was as adept at repeating the party line as many at the AP are today.

Philbrick said...

Hannibal --

Please contact us by e-mail. We have a question for you about the recent election campaigns.