Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Red Dawn

New Jersey .  .  .  Virginia .  .  .  Monroe County Legislature .  .  .  Irondequoit .  .  .  Mendon.
Not bad for a rump party of disaffected Southern whites.


Hannibal said...

You don't know anything about winning elections. The taxpayers are glad that we do.

- The A-Team

Hannibal said...

Have the guts to post it


edit your name out if you must

Philbrick said...

If you are part of the GOP team that pulled it off last night -- you're the best. We here are VERY glad that you know better than we do about how to win elections!

What you pulled off under the leadership of Chairman Reilich will benefit the taxpayers for not just the next two years, but for at least the decade to come. You've prevented a Democratic gerrymander of County Legislature seats next year. That's the real reason why last night was a deeper tragedy for the Morelle gang than most of the public realizes.

If Monroe County had an equivalent of the Medal of Honor, you folks deserve it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannibal; Because I am a taxpayer I am supposed to be glad about voting Republican? I had no choice but I am not glad about it. If you mean the Dems don't know how to run an election, kudos.

The Town of Greece is a wakeup call. For a weak Dem candidate to get that close to Town Supervisor is alarming especially in a Republican strong hold.

"Howling Mad" Murdock