Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will City Council Add to the Chaos?

... by setting a Special Election when they don't even know whether they have a legal Acting Mayor or not?

Democratic Party boss Joe Morelle has so fouled up the stability of City government by manipulating Tom Richards and the rules that Rochester City government is already in chaos, following Richards's abrupt resignation last week.  

Nobody knows whether Carlos Carballada legally has the power of Acting Mayor or not.   The plain reading of the law, the
City Charter, sure makes it look like he doesn't, since he wasn't appointed to serve in consequence of a natural disaster or civic emergency like a war.   If he doesn't, then there's no mayor at all until a special election.

Even the Democrat and Chronicle stepped back from its cheerleading for Morelle appointing a Mayor in defiance of his own party's members, calling over the weekend for Council to hold off setting a special election until Carballada's status is clarified.

But even if it plunges City government into even deeper chaos, and ridicule, Council appears poised to damn the torpedoes and go full speed ahead at its meeting tonight.

Apparently they have the same political adviser as Senator Alesi.

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Richard Tyson said...

Good try, This is a trick question. City Council IS the chaos.