Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Disintegration of the Left and Most Major Media

The same folks who launch accusations of Islamaphobia anytime someone tries to connect the dots on an Islamic person shooting, blowing up, attempting to blow up or kill others while admitting their motives are now doing the same thing with regards to the Arizona shooter. They have absolutely no way of connecting this lone crazed gunman to anything close at all to the Tea Party, Republican Party, Sarah Palin, etc but they are going to try. Even more astonishing is that most of the people interviewed, who know him, define this guy as a left wing pot head. That certainly doesn't sound like he is motivated by the tea party to me.

So apparently if the "shooter/bomber" is a white male we must assume and try to convince the American people that he is a right wing tea party member. On the other hand if the "shooter/bomber" comes out and tells us he is hurting and killing others in the name of Allah, and we even say that, then we have Islamaphobia.

Am I the only one that wants to rip my hair out over this?


Anonymous said...

Do'nt tear your hair out. Tear THEIR hair out and rip THEIR guts out with the POWER OF YOUR IDEAS.

In the competition of ideas they lose every time. Thats why they want to stop our free speech rights.

Forget trying t

Richard Tyson said...

After writing this and watching some more of the coverage it is really amazing watching the "news system" break down. This all essentially started when the sheriff in charge down there came out discussing the "rhetoric, language, etc" and the media latched onto it. They should have stopped him in his tracks and demanded the facts of this case. Instead, so many in the media that have been waiting to find a "right winger" or "tea party member" to be violent ran with the speculation and not the facts of the story. They failed as news sources. Couple that with the fact that various opinion writers jumped in to assist the news sources when they to, should and could have called for the facts. They are often the ones that demand the same when it is not a "white male" assailant. In my opinion they often swing in the other direction as to ask that we don't even discuss the facts.

Talk about a toxic rhetoric!

Luckily, we have more independent watchdogs and new outlets from blogs like Mustardstreet, to Facebook, to Twitter. I have a feeling that it is going to be crucial in the years to come as we enter, what I call, the "broadcast yourself" age.