Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sneaky or Incompetent? Rochester Government

It is almost certain to be one of the two, regarding the City Administration and City Council.  Today, Tom Richards announced that in order to "limit the number of Mayors" and "add to the continuity of business of Rochester's government", which is the reason they have "sold" us on the special election, he will step down.   Carlos Carballada will take over as Acting Mayor.  Why?  Because Tom Richards would have been in violation of the Hatch Act had he run while also being the Acting Mayor of

Even though City Council tried their hardest to convince us all that he was Mayor in his own right -- not "acting" -- despite the fact that the City Charter clearly states he was Acting Mayor, he's stepping down before running in the special election.  That is, if we actually do have said "special election."

City Council, on a snowy, cold, and dark December night, when attendance was expected to be low at their monthly meeting announced that they had voted in private for the special election.  But, we then found out that that wasn't a legal vote as they had to wait until Bob Duffy actually resigned before they could make that decision. Sneaky or Incompetent?

We then heard from Council President that they were holding off on proceeding with the decision to hold the special election once it was brought to light, by James McTiernan, that Tom Richards may be in violation of the Hatch Act if he were to run while sitting in the seat of "Acting Mayor".  She also stated at that time that nothing had changed in their plans but they were going to hold off on making if official. So why not make the decision at that time?   or Incompetent?

So apparently James McTiernan was correct.   Otherwise I am sure that Tom Richards would not be stepping down so that he can run.  But how would this administration not know this would be brought up? Didn't care?  Didn't think anyone was paying attention?   Didn't know?

In my opinion there is no good answer.  Either we have an admin. that is sneaky or incompetent.  What other reason is there for this passing of the mayoral torch to go so poorly?  It isn't like there is two parties fighting this out as they are all Democrats!  I would like to say it is time for a leadership change in the city but that would imply that there is actually leadership today.

According to the reporting of Seth Voorhees on YNN today, Tom Richards, City Council Members, and Monroe County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Morelle are questioning the "motivation" of the complaint regarding the Hatch Act.   What level or arrogance does one need to achieve to question anyone's motivation for holding our elected officials to rules that they likely created?   The Democrats have held power in the city for the better part of 30 years, which means that they have been in control of the City Charter for that long.   These same people are questioning the motivation of a citizen that questioned them, and by Tom Richards decision to step down indicated that said citizen was correct?  If you didn't like the rules then why didn't you just change them?

Again I will ask, sneaky or incompetent?

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