Saturday, January 8, 2011


National Review used to run an annual contest, inviting readers to make predictions for the year ahead.   We're reviving that tradition and invite you to compete for the title of Mustard Street's Prophet of the Year.

E-mail us with your predictions, for example:   1 (d); 2 (a); 3 (c), and so on.   Entries close January 15.   Include your name, and your answer to the tie-breaking question, and send to:

At the end of 2011, if you got the most predictions right, we will name you as Mustard Street's


1.   In December 2011, WikiLeaks badboy Julian Assange may be found in:
a)   England
b)   Sweden
c)   Guantanamo
d)   an urn

2.   The Democratic candidate for Monroe County Executive in 2011 will be:
a)   Sandra Frankel
b)   Joe Morelle
c)   Molly Clifford
d)   nobody
e)   none of the above

3.   The winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2010 will be:
a)   The King's Speech
b)   Black Swan
c)   The Company Men
d)   Hereafter
e)   True Grit
f )   none of the above

4.   The U.S. Supreme Court will:
a)   declare prison overcrowding in California to be unconstitutional, releasing 40,000 convicted criminals onto the streets;

b)   decide that Obamacare's individual mandate exceeds the power of Congress under the Commerce Clause;

c)   uphold California's Proposition 8 that bans same-sex marriage;

d)   all of the above

e)   none of the above.

5.   The number of Republican members of the Monroe County Legislature after the 2011 election will be:
a)   16
b)   17
c)   18
d)   19

6.   The first leader of a foreign country to fall from power in 2011 will be:
a)   Italy's Silvio Berluscone
b)   Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
c)   Greece's George Papandreou
d)   Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu
e)   Ireland's Brian Cowan
f )   none of the above

7.   The number of Democrat and Chronicle stories in December 2011 promoting "Kwanzaa," the counter-Christmas for white liberals, will be:
a)   1 - 3
b)   3 - 5
c)   5 - 10
d)   more than 10

8.   State legislators in at least one Democratic-dominated state that lost congressional seats in the 2010 census will consider restricting its citizens from moving out of state (including heavy taxes on the value of assets of people who move).
a)   True
b)   False

9.   Iran will:
a)   detonate a nuclear weapon;

b)   lose its nuclear weapons facilities to a pre-emptive strike by Israel that is opposed by the United States;

c)   use a new long-range Shahab ballistic missile to detonate an electromagnetic pulse weapon over the United States;

d)   none of the above.

10.   Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks will win re-election by at least:
a)   10%
b)   20%
c)   30%
d)   40%

On the final trading day of 2011, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will close at _______.

My predictions are:   1 b; 2 a; 3 a; 4 e; 5 c; 6 a; 7 c; 8 a; 9 b; 10 b;
Tie Breaker - 9,100.

Good luck!

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