Monday, January 10, 2011

More From the Left's Festival of Hate

"There is something repulsive about chiding your opponents for hate speech while in the same breath accusing them of murder."

The Progressive “Climate of Hate:” An Illustrated Primer, 2000-2010.


Rottenchester said...

Yes, well I remember the death threats and police protection that Randy Kuhl needed during the Bush administration, due to the constant violent rhetoric from radical leftists, which caused the appearance of hundreds of angry protesters at his meetings. Thank God those days are over.

The peace and tranquility of Massa's town hall meetings was a marked contrast, due to the calm rationality that characterized his opposition.

What Michele Malkin sees across the nation, we saw here in Rochester, and we need to keep appreciating the calm of the last two years, compared to the violent rhetoric of the Bush years. This is probably best shown by the FUBO stickers that dot the landscape, since they reflect an acronym of peace and respect: "Fairness Unto Barack Obama".

Steve Zodiac said...


Great work today, buddy. I thought you had a job. You linked to Michelle Malkin, who Keith Olbermann called "a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick."

When will the vitriol end!

Rottenchester -- There wasn't an issue like health care during Kuhl's term, that energized millions to get involved and pay attention to what Congress was doing. And Kuhl was followed around to all of those town meetings of his by a group of left-wing activists, who confronted him at every occasion, just like they were entitled to do

Rottenchester said...

Steve, you're absolutely right. The energy that we saw in the healthcare debate, which sometimes manifested itself in the form of death threats, was exactly the same energy that was shown by left-wing activists, which sometimes manifested itself in the delivery of petitions.

Both are stirring examples of democracy in action, and all right-thinking individuals can see that they're equivalent.

Steve Zodiac said...

Right. They didn't do death threats against Kuhl, as far as I know. There was just all that "Kill Bush" stuff that Phil posted pictures about today.

Rottenchester said...

That's my point - thanks for making it. Every MoveOn member who attended a Kuhl Town Hall meeting sported a T-shirt with a threatening slogan. It wasn't "Kill Bush", it was something about surrounding Rochester - I can't remember the exact wording.

Luckily, unlike some other Congressmen during the time of the great insurrection against President Bush, Kuhl's gas lines to his house were never cut by activists who joked about it a day after a judge was murdered and a congresswoman is fighting for her life after being shot in the head:

Of course, it would be wrong to be upset that a leader of the Virginia Tea Party is making light of attacks against the home of a Congressman only two days after the events in Tucson, because both sides do it, and brave patriots have the right to express themselves in any way they wish.

Anonymous said...

Rottenchester, I don't get it. The Mustard Street writers are pointing up leftist hypocrisy, for denouncing "hate" speech but using it themselves. They are criticizing liberal media for saying ordinary terms used in talking about politics, like "targeted district" and "battlegound states", are inviting violence, but only when used by conservatives.

They are not condoning any violence.

They're not arguing moral equivalence. They're sending up the left by using the liberals language to critize their own statements. Its a parody that tr

Rottenchester said...

Anon, looks like your comment got cut off, but I think I got the basic jist. I'm giving Phil and Steve a little well-intentioned ribbing out of respect for Phil's usually thoughtful take on politics. Here's a more balanced take on the whole thing from a bona-fide conservative, that is also a hell of a lot politically smarter than what Phil and Steve are peddling today.