Friday, January 14, 2011

Losing Ground

Today's paper brings word that Benfante's Appliance Repair and Hardware has closed its doors for good.

Another step away from life at human scale, toward a pasteurized, homogenized United States of Nowhere.

Small, local, old, and particular are almost always better than big, global, new, and abstract; beauty is more important than efficiency.

    -- Rod Dreher
Patronize local businesses, people.   Or the rot continues.


AllanBlockhead said...

Did you ever get a repair estimate in that place? Usually a better idea to purchase a new item.

Richard Tyson said...

Be sure to stop into Mayer Hardware on the corner of Winton and Blossom in the city. Still a family owned and run operation not only surviving, but doing great! Also an operation where the people know what you are looking for and how to tackle some of those home projects. Well worth the drive if you live in the burbs.