Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Date is Set for the Special Election

While in attendance last night at the City Council meeting, I was surprised as to what I heard from Council members in their follow up comments after the vote on the March 29th date for the special election.   Some seemed to say “get on board, we have made our decision.”   Mcfadden seemed angry and demanded that we all show some respect no matter what our personal feelings are.   Yet some Council members seemed upset that this was the decision and not the appointment leading to a general election this fall.

One thread ran through each and every one of their comments and it is one that I wish we knew more about.   They all seemed to almost throw out the idea that we could have appointed a Mayor and waited to vote in a general election this fall.   It was almost as if that was never an option, without ever having actually placed it to a vote.   So I would like to know who is against the general election and why?   Council members Haag and Palumbo switched their vote from no to yes while explaining that they essentially “had no choice.”   Well you certainly did!  You could have voted “no” as you did in December.   You would not have changed the result, but at least you would have shown you are true in your convictions.   Instead you bent to party pressure and voted to move forward with it.

One thing that seems to be showing the true difference between Democrats and Republicans lately is that, when Republicans know they are walking down the wrong path, they “about face” and head in a different direction.   City Council actually picked up member support for the Special Election, despite pubic “multi-partisan” public opinion against it.   They charged full speed ahead.

To any member inside the Democratic Party in the City:   if you don’t condone this behavior, you better get active elsewhere.   It’s not looking good for you to have any voice with your current “leadership”.

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