Saturday, January 22, 2011

Does Jim Alesi Have a Brain Tumor?

That's all I can think of to explain his recent behavior.

Even if he were just an ordinary, garden variety (I'll use the clinical term here) anal aperture, a credential universally agreed that he won years ago, it doesn't account for the irrational behavior.

What jury can Alesi ever find who will award him a penny in this lawsuit he just filed?

And he's willing to take the ridicule and condemnation that comes with it?   No.   Has to be a tumor.

First, without reason and at the last minute, he fires almost his entire staff.   People who in some cases had been with him for most of two decades.   People admired as smart and capable, and who made personal sacrifices, and in their families' lives too, to work for him and get him reelected.   People who went to the wall for him in the last election.

As the startled staff asked "Why?" Alesi repeated over and over the same rote business that "Staff serve at the Senator's pleasure."

Now he sues homeowners for an injury he brought on himself through tresspassing!

Questioned by TV newsman Evan Dawson, Alesi would only read from a prepared statement, "My attorney filed a lawsuit today."   Nothing else.

Brain tumor.   Has to be.   No other explanation.


To:     Rob Quinn (the only Alesi staffer not fired):

Get your boss to a doctor and then get out.   If you don't, you're wearing this too.

Alesi just signaled he's never running for anything again.   As for you, no way you get reelected to Penfield Town Board if you stay on his staff.   Alesi went from [anal aperture] to poison in one day.


Anonymous said...

Alesi did have a good reason to fire his staff. He struck a deal under which he hired Patti Szepka, Susan's Chief of Staff. She needed nine months for her retirement and John wanted to take care of her. Alesi agreed to do it in exchange for Susan John not helping Mary Wilmot. The deal was alledgedly brokered by Jim Pavone at the Rochester Teachers Union. So, Alesi's actions were not random, they were merely totally unethical and politically callous, in addition to brutal to the people who had served him loyally.

Anonymous said...

A brain tumor might explain it, but it could also be that he is like many people who just want to get all they can without regard to what is right, wrong or ethical. Like too many other elected officials, he probably feels he is above the rest of us and deserves to be treated special. I say throw the bum out of office. Let's hope the insurance company fights the legal action all the way and does not offer a settlement. He will lose if it goes to court, unless the judge is a corrupt Republican. At least now the voters know Alesi's true colors. Truly sickening and shameful.

repoman said...

Presumably Mr. Alesi is going to retire after this term. I can't imagine that he expects to get the votes of any average person who learns of his ridiculous lawsuit.

Lawyers are the only people who could possibly rationalize this lawsuit, but surely there aren't enough lawyers in his district to re-elect him.

Anonymous said...

I vote for brain tumor! Alesi survived a terrible tough election because of enough money to execute a superior media strategy, period! He was not the best candidate and should have lost. Now, I believe, he has ended his political career, which he obviously meant to end.

If this law suit had been filed prior to the election, he would not have been able to spend enough to save himself. Therefore, this is both calculated and his fairwell!

Mycroft said...

Alesi is suing not just the homeowners, but also the builder. The builder's wife, Keli DiRisio, discusses the situation on her blog.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Hanna had better get ready to buckle his chin strap. He swept Nachbar - beat him in every town - despite being heavily outspent. He's the best bet to keep the seat (and maybe the Senate) Republican.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought it can't get any weirder ... Alesi's court case asks for not only damages, but for the homeowners and builder to pay costs of bringing the lawsuit. He wants them to have to pay for his lawyer!!!

On the last page, here:

Not just a brain tumor ... an evil brain tumor.

Anonymous said...

Whether Alesi's district even exists in 2012 will depend on how the lines are drawn. You can speculate that Alesi is betting the district will look more Democratic, in which case the hiring of Democratic staffers and getting in bed with the unions makes sense, or that Alesi has made the decision not to run again regardless of the lines. No matter, it is now clear he focused last Fall on wanting to ensure his re-election in 2010 which is why he sold his soul to the unions and Susan John. Pity his staff who were loyal only to be thrown under the bus when it suited Alesi's perfidy.

Anonymous said...

The consituency was thrown under the bus a long time ago by both the staff and the Senator. Evidently many folks have not looked at his voting record or glanced at his sponsorhips of recent bills or had to work with his office. Some folks remember how Jim and staff used to do business, not how he has been doing his "friends" in the last couple years.
Follow his track record, the lawsuit comes as no suprise.

Anonymous said...

No, not a tumour -- it's just politics. Power corrupts. He has been in politics so long that he has a totally different mind-set. I guess we could say that going into politics is the equivalent of developing a tumour.

The good that has come out of it is that Republicans reject him, and the Italian community rejects him. Unlike mayor Marion Barry and Osama bin Laden, where their supporters/communities fail to reject the evil they do.