Monday, January 17, 2011

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

The Democratic campaign against Maggie Brooks and Republican County legislators has kicked off on the front pages of the party's press organ, the Democrat and Chronicle.

So far, we count seven prominent news items and editorials on the subject of what is variously reported as $17,000 worth, or $21,000 worth, of suspect cigar purchases by the Airport's Executive director.   We'll assume the worst and call it $21,000.

As of yesterday, we're up to at least three prominent items, and counting, over an incident of administrative stupidity -- that would have made no difference fiscally had it been done right -- involving $13,000 contributed by the ESL sports center to Republican State legislative candidates.

Yet reports on irregularities concerning the City of Rochester Housing Authority, which could involve hundreds of thousands of dollars were limited to two.   And after that -- down the memory hole.

Or is pointing this out now considered uncivil?

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Anonymous said...

The last few weeks of the newspaper have made me crazy! The arrogance of what they are doing between David Andreatta and his "investigative" writings, the editorial page, and the editor who thinks her job is to carry the water of the editorial page, is beyond anything I have ever seen!

Lets look at the facts. Andreatta writes and trashes all things Republican, while, at the same time, Brian Sharp ignores a 4 hour meeting with Gantt, Morelle, Duffy, Warren, and Richards on succession of the city government. Not only does the D&C ignore it, they do not allow comments from readers about the meeting!

Next, Jim Lawrence calls for the AGs office to investigate cigar purchases made (with poor judgement) from non governmental funds! Then Andreatta writes of political contributions made by David Christa through the ESL ice arena (or whatever it is now called) without mentioning that Christa is the developer of Midtown, or that Joe Morelle's sister is on the Christa staff!

The election of 2011 has begun. On one side, the County Executive and her record, on the other, the D&C and their agenda! Look for Andreatta to audit and foil all things Republican, and nothing Democrat! By the way, this writer wrote the story of the CDR hiring a dectective to threaten the County exec for 1 day, then dumped the "investigation" to go after other Republican issues/

Last, we all should only read the paper on line (to keep up with what they are doing) but not buy a hard copy paper. Doing that will hasten the failure of a single party, agenda driven, piece of crap! Along the way, put James Lawrence out of a job and David Andreatta and Karen Magnuson along the way to their rightful professions...hacks for the Democrat party (which they now do Pro Bono)!