Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morelle's Mess

The mess Joe Morelle has made at Rochester City Hall, trying to bypass voters and ram through a Mayor without a Democratic primary, is hilarious but confusing.

To help explain the status at City Hall and answer the question, "Who's Mayor this time?" we're turning to experts.   They make better sense than the tortured explanations by Morelle and his hapless victim Tom Richards, and by Morelle's fairy godmother, the Democrat and Chronicle.

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Anonymous said...

Joe Morelle is the greatest gift ever given to the Republican Party! He thinks he is Shelly Silver, he has lost every major election he has managed, he has foresaken his own party for his own political agenda, and, best yet, along the way, he has angered labor...and, oh, by the way, is now going to fight a battle over voting rights with the black community! OMG!