Monday, January 3, 2011

County Democrats' Political Savvy on Display

In the Monroe County Legislature, tonight was to be the big night for minority Democrats to debate their proposal for "independent" redistricting at the Agenda/Charter Committee.

They know it will be defeated in committee and therefore die, but the point is to create as big a media splash as possible:   hammering home their points in front of the cameras, dragging out the customary rent-a-mob of Democratic interest group members to speak in the public comment time, the usual drill.

Instead, Democratic legislators withdrew their proposal today, without explanation.

But we know the reason, astute Mustard Street readers, don't we?

Democrats pulled the proposal so the redistricting story wouldn't compete with news coverage of today's resignation of Airport Director David Damelio.   They want that one standing out front and center, all on its own.

Smart move.   That's how politics works, boys and girls.

Watch for the redistricting plan to be re-introduced for consideration next month.

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