Friday, January 14, 2011

High Society

During a tour of upstate cities, Lieutenant Governor Duffy met for lunch the other day with Joe Morelle, David Gantt, Lovely Warren and Tom Richards.   Did they talk of fixing the schools, or the city's abnormally high crime rate or downtown development or any of the pressing issues facing the city?

According to the merry lunch bunch, no.   It was just a social visit, with vaguely described discussion of "challenges"and Duffy's new role.

We're sure there was no discussion at all about the bumps they're encountering on the road to the coronation of Tom Richards as mayor without a meaningful election, or how to get around them.


Anonymous said...

The article was most relevant for showing the D&C at its liberal apologist best. The reporter did not even hint at any conspiratorial undertakings, even though any local observer with a pulse and an IQ over 80 knows what the conversation was about.

The article was also interesting for the transparent and obvious lie by Morelli. All politicians spin, but Morelli distinguishes himself for his ability to outright lie with no apparent regret.

Anonymous said...

The D&C, the "house organ" of the Democrat party, has only one agenda for 2011...defeat Maggie and give control of the Legislature to Joe Morelle and the gang that can't shoot straight!

We need to recognize that David Andreatta, Brian Sharp, Karen Magnuson, and James Lawrence do not report the news fairly...they manage the news to their own ends.

I suggest the following...if you have a subscription cancel it...if you buy a hard copy newspaper, stop...and only check on their lies in the on line version. By doing that, you will have the information you need...and put them out of business over time.

Anonymous said...

Would like to have been at the OTHER meeting, when Morelli and the others met with Democrat and Chronicle editors to plan this year's campaign strategy!