Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Week's Mail

Every now and then we post an interesting e-mail received during the week. Here's one we had yesterday, from a reader disappointed in County Legislator Carrie "It's all about my boobs" Andrews:

Classless Careless Carrie
At Monday night’s organizational meeting of the Monroe County Legislature, Jeff Adair was elected President of the Legislature.   I am not an Adair fan but he is no better or worse than any other Republican that they can put up for the job.  I was in favor of the Democratic Party moving their choice, something I feel should be done every cycle.  I believe that it is for the good of the People that we have choice.  As for myself, I am a person that respects family, which I consider the best and most important part of one’s life.  I love politics and my party but I would walk away in a second if it in any way hurt my family.  That is why I don’t get it.

Legislator Carrie Andrews moved Harry Bronson for President against Jeff Adair, and she did this in front of the entire Adair family.  I wonder what her possible future Sister-in-law thought, how about possible future Mother and Father-in-law?  Are these not people that one would try to embrace as opposed to embarrass themselves in front of?  How could Carrie attempt to undermine a member of their family and think nothing of breaking bread with them, she has no conscience.

The bosses are not happy that Carrie is in a relationship with Scott Adair.  They believe that it will cloud her judgment and make her less effective as a party leader.  Month after month she does her best to grill the administration and boyfriend CFO Scott Adair.  Why?  Because she is required to show that her party means more to her than the relationship.  Any of the other 12 legislators could have made the motion of Bronson for President and preserved Carrie in the Adair family eyes, but she would have none of that.  This meeting was the ultimate opportunity for Carrie to show that the Adair family means less to her than partisan politics, and that she did.

There was a point in time that I considered Carrie a friend, but no longer do I respect her enough to have that be true.  She has shown her true colors and poor priorities time and time again.  When Carrie spat upon the family of her significant other she spat on family values.  I am truly disappointed.


BimboSpotter said...

Isn't it all about YOUR boobs, Lucy?

Lucy said...

Modesty forbids me to say.