Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smart Sushi

As a hardcore sushi lover, I've been hoping for years that sushi restaurants would add a little something other than sushi to their menus.   Just one thing even -- a burger, a sandwich.   That way, we sushi fans get to have it once in a while, because our sushi-hating significant others would have something to eat.

Fellow sushi lovers, take note:   California Rollin', at its Charlotte location by the Ferry Terminal, has started offering buffalo chicken wings!

Why didn't the sushi places figure this out before now?   The person who's always hot and wants air conditioning invariably pairs off with the person who's always cold.   Sushi fanatics seem to find life-partners who can't bear the thought of the stuff.   You know how it works.   Part of The Great Unwritten Law.   I've always figured a sushi place could double its business by offering a ham sandwich.

Now the smart folks at California Rollin' have gone and done it in Charlotte, with chicken wings.   Don't know if they're doing it at their Village Gate location, but there it's never been a problem:   first stop across the courtyard at Salena's and pick up some burritos or enchiladas to go.  Then step over to California Rollin'.   Believe me, they're used to it.   And nothing goes better with that chorizo burrito than a nourishing pint of California Rollin's unique plum beer.

California Rollin'

Village Gate
274 North Goodman Street

Ferry Terminal
1000 North River St

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