Sunday, January 24, 2010

What. A. Week.

Scott Brown.  41.  Massachusetts.

Ms. Pelosi says she doesn't have votes to destroy the health care most Americans have, and are happy with.

Susan John, who achieved immortality as inspiration for this iconic political ad, says she'll leave the State Assembly when her current term ends.

Babydaddy John Edwards admits it.   The story mainstream media sedulously ignored.   Affair and offspring would have screamed from headlines, had Edwards an (R) after his name.   When does the National Enquirer get its Pulitzer?

Supreme Court:   "Where it says free speech, it means free speech."   (Note to Democrat & Chronicle:   opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, not "Arthur.")

Air America finally learns that the free market works.

A week ago we sat, as it were, on the launch pad.   This week it feels like we have ignition!


Anonymous said...

I think the depiction of Susan's body in an unflattering way in the flyer was in bad form. It pales in comparison to to other campaign tactics undertaken by Mr.Ferlicca but it is in bad form nevertheless.

Mr. Ferlicca is worse than any of the politicos on either side of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

You are a classy guy Phil. Please agree that Ferlicca's tactics are bad.

simon said...

John Ferlicca is as much a scum bag as can be found in the upstate political scene. But I am not so sure that he has surpassed Susan John yet.

Anonymous said...

No rebuttal from Philly so he must agree on the Ferllicker, as many have come to know him.