Thursday, January 14, 2010

LaMarr Jackson Favorite for County Court Seat

Word now is that the Governor will appoint LaMarr Jackson, and not former County Court judge Bryan McCarthy, to the Monroe County Court vacancy caused by Judge Alex Renzi's election to Supreme Court.   McCarthy reportedly has withdrawn his name from consideration.   Jackson was defeated in her own bid for Supreme Court in last November's election.

If Jackson's getting the appointment, will the County Bar Association now release its candidate rating for her from last fall?   That's the one where the Bar Association surveys attorneys county-wide, to have them rate judicial candidates as "Highly Qualified," or "Qualified," or "Not Qualified."   The Bar Association mysteriously never released the rating of Jackson or the other Democratic candidate, Paloma Capanna.

Will our self-procaimed "watchdog" of a newspaper ask the Bar Association what happened to Jackson's rating, and why it was never released?   Don't hold your breath.

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