Thursday, January 21, 2010

Morelle Campaign Stunt or the Real Deal?

Our Irondequoit correspondent tipped us off earlier today to this notice from the Teachers' Union, organizing a protest at Joe Morelle's office because he supports the Mayor's school plan.

(Click on images below for larger size.)

And here are photos of the protest, taken about 4:30 pm today:

Our question:   Is this for real?

Joe Morelle desperately needs to distance himself from Albany and the public employee unions to get on the right side of voters for the upcoming election.   The Assemblyman has been the unions' dependable servant his whole career.   How convenient that now, when Morelle faces what we think could be a difficult re-election campaign, suddenly the Teachers' Union makes a show of being upset with him.

Is this protest the real thing -- is the union really angry with Morelle?   Could be.   Or it could be the whole thing's a contrivance, cooked up by Morelle and the union, to improve his standing with voters.

David Gantt supports the Mayor's school plan, too.   But the union's not protesting him.

What do you think?

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