Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seduced and Abandoned

Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature soldiered on gamely tonight after Assemblyman David Gantt failed to show up to disrupt the meeting over re-appointment of Public Defender Tim Danaher.

Gantt was conspicuous at the Legislature's organizational meeting last week.   That signaled to many a likely reprise, tonight, of his disruption of a legislative meeting in 2008 because the Legislature wouldn't let Gantt control selection of the new Defender.

Democratic staff checked anxiously this afternoon to see if the Shame of Albany had signed up to speak at the public forum, but, alas, nothing.

Damage control was left to Legislator Carrie Andrews, who moved to send the nomination to a Committee meeting, in order to give Gantt another chance to create havoc.   Defeated on a party-line vote.

So what was the appearance last week all about?   Big Dave's just playing head games with The Man.

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