Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Not Panic ...

Now remember:

The Tea Party mentality -- sorry, of course I mean tea-bagger mentality -- represents just a tiny lunatic fringe.   It's not the real voice of the people.

Hell, it's not a real anything.   It's not grassroots ... it's astroturf.   Town Hall protesters are just a handful of paid agents of insurance companies and Rush Limbaugh.   We can ignore them!   It's all a right-wing hoax, promoted by Fox "News."

Time to double down.   How do we bounce back after a humiliating rejection of our health care bill in a special election?   Easy.  We recover by ramming through the bill so hated that we lost Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts!  The obvious way to win back public trust.   To not pass it would mean disaster.

Our problem is that we didn't go far enough left.   We've been too timid.   Now we mean business.

How else to win this fall?

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