Monday, January 25, 2010

Sanitizing Harry Bronson

It's started already!

Saturday morning Harry Bronson announces his bid for the Assembly seat being vacated by Susan John.   Sunday morning, WXXI Radio news refers to him as "lawyer and business owner."

Last October we called out the Democrat and Chronicle for the same stunt:

What the paper carefully omits is Bronson's actual employment: staff member of the New York State Assembly.

That's what pays the mortgage at chateau Bronson.

This omission is deliberate. The D&C knows better than anyone that people are "fed up with Albany," so they're careful to suppress the connection, lest voters realize the same crowd that runs Albany will be running the County government if the Democrats take the County Legislature.
Now WXXI does the same.

Here go the local media again, trying to sanitize Bronson's total career immersion as part of the Albany political culture.   This is how the media signals who are its favored candidates.

Bronson's real job is as staffer on Susan John's Assembly Labor
Committee.   He'll try to distance himself from Albany, but for practical purposes, he's an incumbent.

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