Friday, October 23, 2009

Concealing the Albany Connection

We're struck by the risible deception in a Democrat and Chronicle endorsement this morning.   The paper describes County Legislator Harry Bronson's occupation as "attorney who specializes in social justice."   Whatever that means.

What the paper carefully omits is Bronson's actual employment:   staff member of the New York State Assembly.

That's what pays the mortgage at chateau Bronson.

This omission is deliberate.   The D&C knows better than anyone that people are "fed up with Albany," so they're careful to suppress the connection, lest voters realize the same crowd that runs Albany will be running the County government if the Democrats take the County Legislature.

We're working on a post on this very subject, to appear shortly.

We're not criticizing the endorsement.   Just pointing out the significance of this particular suppression of truth by the Democrat and Chronicle.

In any event, the endorsement is superfluous.   Bronson has one of those City districts where the Democratic candidate for anything can blow up a kindergarten and still get elected.   That's yet another problem in local government.

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