Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Throwing Away an Election

It's becoming clearer that Monroe County Republicans don't know how to run an effective campaign this year.   They're using the same playbook as they have in past years for their county legislature candidates.  Because of the election indictments, it requires more than that.

Local elections like town races and county legislature seats are a ground game.  Get your candidate to campaign door-to-door and support her or him with appropriate mailings.

The indictments now make this an air war as well.   By which we mean a larger thematic issue that's used by one side.   Democrats are doing this with the Robutrad indictments.   In response, county Republicans so far have been totally passive.   They have ample material for such a campaign against the Democrats, to augment the individual races.   But so far, nothing.

They have the money to do it, but apparently not the smarts and definitely not the guts.

Weakness never wins.   If you're weak because you can't help it, that's one thing.  If you're weak because you choose to be, you shouldn't be governing, or running political campaigns.

This has been a disturbing trend on the Republican side for the past couple of years (both pre- and post-Minarik), and we'll have a more detailed analysis in an upcoming post.


BanishedtoNF said...

Why are you censoring my comments?

Philbrick said...

Not aware we had. Recognize your name as a previous commenter.

We don't edit comments unless there's an obvious typo, which we might correct. Only comments we've excluded totally are those comprised largely of f-word or something similar, or way-out personal attacks on public figures. These are rare.

On 1 or 2 occasions we've lost a comment, but have acknowledged the comment and paraphrased it.

We especially think it's important to post comments disagreeing with us, because that's what makes it interesting.

Lucy also has admin rights and moderates comments also, so she'll have to speak for herself, but I think she'd have mentioned editing or rejecting anything.

Guess I should add that it's our publication. If we decide in future to change our policy and only print what we see as the best comments, the way a newspaper prints just the letters to the editor it selects, it would be our right to do that. But it's not the policy now.

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