Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hope They Believe It

First entry on Mustard Street! I signed on to review restaurants and bars. But I caught Bob Smith's WXXI show today. I like Bob's show. Today he talked about the citizen protests against the Obama/congressional health care restructuring. Bob said something like, "We know who planned them, orchestrated them and paid for them." Bob has swallowed whole the mainstream media myth on the protesters, that they aren't ordinary citizens. Maybe he's just trying to promote it.

If Bob is an example of mainstream media mindset, I hope he really has swallowed it whole, and really believes it. It shows how disconnected from citizens the media is. If they are so disconnected, they are less able to affect events. Nothing like this since Reagan was elected. The press and the bi-coastal elites were totally shocked. They never saw the conservative tidal wave coming. Because, like now, they are completely out-of-touch.

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