Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Margaret Trevett -- Standing Out!

Endorsing Democrat Margaret Trevett for Penfield Supervisor, the Democrat and Chronicle called her the candidate who "stood out most."

I'll say. How's this for standing out: being the candidate for Supervisor who doesn't know when the Town Board votes on the annual budget!

Monroe Rising reports this exchange, at a public forum at the September 9 meeting of Penfield Town Board:

Trevett: Will it ever be possible to vote on the budget before election?

Supervisor Wiedemer: We will vote on it before election.

Councilwoman Linda Kohl: We do every year.

Trevett: I thought it was always voted in November.

Wiedemer: No, no.
Here it is on video, courtesy of Monroe Rising

There's a candidate who really stands out.

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