Thursday, October 22, 2009

He is Shocked. Shocked!

County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle is upset because Republican candidates for County Legislature are talking about the County budget -- of all things! -- in their campaign mailings.

Morelle says it's a dirty trick.   Right, Joe.   A dirty trick.   Not like the honorable campaign tactic of orchestrating fraudulent indictments, timed to an election.

We've seen before at least one example of Joe Morelle apparently assuming stupidity on the part of voters.   Morelle's successive re-elections no doubt have trained him to think that way about his Assembly District.

But really, Joe.   The whole county?


repoman said...

His shock is even more difficult to accept given his responsibility for the very unfair attack ad for Brian McCarthy against John DeMarco.

The McCarthy ad is at or over the line for a judicial race. The County Legislature ads are regular politics. And, as you noted, the whole rotten political indictment program was way over the line, too.

I hope Mr. Morelle and his Democrat pals come to regret putting most of their eggs in the Robutrad basket.

Rocwatcher said...

Folks have short memories. The Republicans changed the submission date of the budget to after election day to remove politics from the process. Yet here they are, two weeks before election, releasing a budget for political purposes. Or, do they just want voters to know what a good job they're doing?

Anonymous said...

And Democrats went nuts when the budget date was moved and wanted it submitted BEFORe the election.

Now they get what they want and they're STIL whining!

So, no matter what anyone does, Democrats are never happy. I guess when you're incapable of truly leading (like Dems in state government) you just cry, scream and throw a tantrum and hope nobody asks you a serious question.

The new Democratic strategy!