Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next Political Indictment Any Day

Watch for it, maybe even today.   We're within a day or two of the next political indictment.   We don't think any later.

As we've explained before, it fits the Democratic campaign plan.

Moreover, it's now necessary, in order to push from the news cycle yesterday's embarrassment to the District Attorney's office, of having to drop the felony charge against Andrew Moore because the charge was never warranted in the first place.

Let the games continue!


AllanBlockhead said...

Phil, it's not like you to leave a typo. :-) First word in second sentence should be "we're".

Glad to see you're back posting on a regular basis.

Philbrick said...

Thanks, Allan!

Rocwatcher said...

Must be the DA has the Grand Jury in his political pocket too! Or could it be that there is a pattern of corruption in the Republican Party that we're just seeing the tip of? It may be hard to believe, but local Republicans have developed an arrogance that borders on criminal. Maybe that's what we're witnessing. Unfortunately, the entire story will not come out before the election. I'd be willing to bet that by next year some will be regretting their Republican vote this November.

Philbrick said...

Rocwatcher, thanks for your comment. But you're forgetting a classic maxim of the legal world, that a half-way competent prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

Anonymous said...

You just gotta love people like Rocwatcher.

The D.A.'s office with now admitted extremely weak evidence convinces a grand jury to indict Moore for a feloney giving County Democrats fodder for their political mailers.

Then, and only after Moore's attorney tries to get details which the D.A. refuses to release, do they admit they really had nothing to support the felony indictment in the first place.

But the Democrat Party and the media got to squeeze a month or more of mileage out of all this to help out Democrat candidates and it's only at the last minute that the D.A. pulls the charge, leaving Moore and republicans with little time and scant media support to convey the truth.

And Rocwatcher wants to say it's because of REPUBLICAN corruption?

The County Democrats have a D.A.'s office that will charge republicans with crimes which gives them an issue to use in their political campaigns. AND a local press corps that will pound the issue for them for weeks. The D.A.'s office simply pulls the charge near the end of the campaign and claims it wasn't politically motivated.

What more do you guys want?

Are people like Roc just never satified or just incredibly selfish?