Friday, October 2, 2009

The President in Copenhagen

Can anyone explain to us why it was such a terrible thing for the President to have gone to Copenhagen to plead the case for the Olympics in the USA?   Sorry, folks, but we just don't get it.

He didn't have to go.   Politically it would have been a lot safer to have done nothing.   That way, you don't risk being turned down.  

But he was willing to put himself on the line.   Given the possibility of failure, that's courageous.   How many other political figures can you name who have done anything courageous lately?

President Obama gets a free pass from the media on lots of things, but he's subject to some of the most ridiculous and unreasonable criticism on many others.

We know this is heresy to many of you who follow our rantings here on Mustard Street, but we're proud of our country when this President represents us abroad.

A feeling we never, ever, had about his predecessor.

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