Sunday, October 11, 2009

Urban Legend

For as long as we've paid attention to local politics, the same rumor pops up every two years:   Joe Errigo is not running for re-election.   Right on time it's turned up again, causing whispers to circulate, and asipiring successors to aspire even more.   And raising the question:   Real?   Or urban legend, like those stories about alligators in the New York sewers?

We say urban legend.   If the affable Assemblyman isn't running next year, his staff knows nothing about it.   They'd be the first to know.   Also, a mailer just went out to voters in his district, touting Errigo's position on certain budget issues.  A contact in the district scanned it and sent it to us.   It looks very much like a campaign piece you'd send voters when you're running again.

Therefore, for residents of the 130th Assembly District, we'd say The Joe Show is coming in 2010, to a voting booth near you!

1 comment:

gidget said...

I wish Joe Errigo wouldn't run- and we could get a republican in office that really accomplishes something- this guy is only good at telling his constituents how he cannot help them - what an embarrassement to the republican party