Thursday, October 1, 2009

Memo to Chairman Reilich

You need to fire the person at County Republican Headquarters who instructed your candidate for County Legislature in Henrietta, John Howland, to refrain from going door-to-door to Independence Party voters in the month before the Independence Party primary, and to stick instead with the door-to-door plan tailored for the general election.   We just learned of this today.

Howland followed the advice from Headquarters and lost the Independence line to his Democratic opponent.   Knowledgeable political types tell us the Independence line is worth 300 - 600 votes in the general election in that district.

Just a reminder:   candidates need to go to where the votes are.   In an Independence primary, that means Independence Party voters.

If you lose the County Legislature by losing the Henrietta seat, and if you lose it by fewer than 600 votes or so, you won't really have lost it.   Your own side will have thrown it away.


AllanBlockhead said...

I wonder if HQ will call a blitz for Henrietta, particularly targeted to the Independence voters. I'll bet the WFP will be working Henrietta pretty hard.

BanishedtoNF said...

Are you certain this advice came from State Street?

Lucy said...

That's what our excellent sources told us.