Monday, January 11, 2010

Memo to President Adair

If David Gantt and his entourage show up to disrupt tomorrow night's meeting of the County Legislature, please show us that you're the opposite of your predecessor as President of the County Legislature, Wayne Zyra.

Return calls to the press if they ask about the appointment of the Public Defender.   Don't concede the entire public discussion to the disrupters, as your predecessor did, and to the people trying to hijack an appointment that is the legitimate, legal responsibility of the County Legislature and of no one else.   Zyra made a fool of himself hiding from the press for two months, letting the opposition define the issue without challenge, and letting down his side completely.

Don't pull a Zyra if the disrupters make trouble, scurrying from the room like a trapped rat.   Don't you have a public comment section of your meeting where anyone who wants to speak may?   That's the forum for anyone with criticism or comment.   But if anyone tries to disrupt the meeting, calmly have them removed and continue your meeting.   New York's Open Meetings Law creates the right to attend a public meeting.   It does not create a right to disrupt a public meeting.

And if Gantt and self-appointed "leaders" (of God-knows-what) who claim a role in the appointment of a Public Defender seek a meeting, before or after tomorrow's legislative session, for heaven's sake, meet with them.   Take their phone calls, or return them.   You have no reason to concede anything, but extend the courtesy of a meeting or a return phone call.   We're still not sure how much Zyra's cowardly stonewalling 2 years ago contributed to the disruption you had back then over the PD appointment.

We weren't happy about being driven to do a posting like this one about President Zyra.   We really don't want to have to do one about President Adair.


Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe if the Republicans allowed the appointment to go through the normal introduction, referral to committee, and approval process they wouldn't be criticized for pushing the reappointment through. No. Instead they introduce it as a "matter of urgency" two business days before they approve it. And they wonder why people are skeptical about elected officials and their motives.

Philbrick said...


So Gantt & Co. can disrupt the committee meeting as they did last time? Give them two opportunities for street theater rather than one?

Already the Republicans are showing more smarts than the Zyra farce 2 years ago.

simon said...

Adair is not Zyra. Adair maybe a nice guy but don't make the mistake of confusing that with weak. Adair will do what is right and necessary for the people of Monroe County.

Anonymous said...


So David Gannt can stage another faux arrest claiming he's fighting for the poor people of Rochester?

It is irresponsible for ANY elected officials to give Gantt opportunities to politicize the function of government simply to help him with his reelection campaign.

And you wonder why Democrats are losing big here in Monroe County. Because of dumb antics coming from the Dem Party here.

Hannibal said...

"Anonymous" sure knows a lot about legislature procedure. Must be a Dem staffer. Is that you Joe Rittler?

Lucy said...

Simon, based on what we've learned, that's our take on Mr. Adair, too.

Zyra was a sad and frightened little man, in way over his head and unsuited for a role of leadership.

Adair seems like someone who will at least stand up for his own side.