Friday, January 15, 2010

Surely You Jest

When Mustard Street reported on new officers of the Monroe County Legislature, it left out one:   Carrie Andrews, Court Jester of the Lej.

At Tuesday's Legislature meeting, Andrews complained that the process for re-appointing Public Defender Timothy Donaher was no good, because Legislators did not have the opportunity to question him. Actually, Mr. Donaher was right there, to answer any questions the Legislators wanted to ask.  

The Jester herself had just one question:   Mr. Donaher, on January 9th of 2009 you made a donation to the campaign of Judge Edmund Calvaruso and this is a violation of Monroe County Law.  "What do you have to say for yourself, you law breaker," Andrews' smug look said, as she savored her "Gotcha!" moment.   She nailed him ...but good!

Public Defender Donaher answers that he hasn't made any campaign contributions.   Then a Democratic staffer tugs at Andrews' sleeve as she holds the floor, saying “Carrie that's not a contribution.”   What??  Not an illegal contribution??  Andrews turns red as she struggles to figure a way out.   Mr. Donaher, a true gentleman, throws her a life line, an escape route, and she sits down.

Funny thing.   The Democrats complained about the process because they couldn't ask Donaher questions.   But he was right there, up at the podium in front of all the legislators, to answer them.   Except for Andrews, no other Democrat had a single question for Mr. Donaher!

They must have been satisfied he was properly vetted.   But then, on party lines, they all vote against him.   Because, they say ... they couldn't ask him any questions!   Go figure!

The next day Mr. Donaher replies to the Legislature that the $35 payment Andrews asked about not only wasn't a contribution -- it wasn't even made by Donaher!   It was made to Donaher, from the Calvaruso campaign, to pay for a ticket to a colleague's retirement dinner that Mr. Donaher had put together.

Looks like Carrie Andrews' reading comprehension is on par with her comprehension of public policy.

I only have one question.   When will Timothy Donaher get an apology from Andrews, or at the very least a “thank you” for giving her an escape route in her moment of embarrassment?

Not to mention that he wasn't even looking down her blouse.   Not once!

Maybe that's why she doesn't like him.


Anonymous said...

Is that a pic of her from the meeting?

simon said...

Yes, just after she asked her question but before she received the tug from her staffer. At which point she turned bright red in the face and her outfit went blue.