Saturday, January 19, 2008

Separated at Birth?

 As follow-up to Wednesday's posting:

"Zyra would not answer our questions Thursday night . . ."
At this point Wayne Zyra's recent performance is almost comical.   But one of yesterday's news reports gives it an ominous edge.
" 'We are looking for the president of the legislature to respond to the request of a meeting to discuss this matter . . .,' Rev. Florence said."
Note that Rev. Florence didn't say "Zyra refused our request."   Florence said that he, Florence, is "looking for a response" from Zyra.

Is this why David Gantt and his band of protesters are so upset?   And why they behaved as they did at the Legislature meeting on Thursday?   Because Wayne Zyra hasn't even returned their phone calls?   That's sure what it sounds like.   And it fits completely with Zyra's consistent "unavailability" to the press.

Maybe that's why Gantt stormed the barricades the other night, shouting in the direction of the Republican lawmakers -- because it's the only way he could get a conversation with Zyra.

This is what it looks like.   And it makes David Gantt and his protesters look more like victims than villains in the other night's little piece of street theater.

We're about to take on some field work.   We're going to learn what we can about His Excellency President Wayne Zyra, and just what's up with this guy.   We'll let you know what we find.

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