Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Step Back for City Council

City Council member Dana Miller, who's earned a reputation as one of the brightest and best elected officials in Monroe County, has been dumped as Chair of the Council's premier committee, the Finance Committee.   Long-time hack Carolee Conklin takes his place.

Council President Gladys Santiago is unhappy that Miller sought the Council presidency himself, (rather than supporting Santiago) in last month's voting for a successor to Lois Geiss.   The demotion is his punishment.

Reminds us of when a couple of County legislators lost committee chairmanships a few years ago, for defying the legislative leadership.   There is, of course, a difference.   The demotions in the Republican-controlled County Legislature rated at least one story in the Democrat and Chronicle.   To date, the paper has remained dutifully silent on Miller's demotion.  When something involves the monoparty Democratic City Council, family matters are discussed only within the family.

One must keep up appearances.

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