Thursday, January 17, 2008

Transcript Vindicates Cuomo

Since writing on Tuesday our posting under the title Defining Deviancy Downward, we've read the relevant portion of the transcript of the radio program in which Attorney General Cuomo uttered a comment originally reported in a way that made it seem like a racially insensitive reference to Barack Obama.

The transcript makes it quite plain that Cuomo did not employ the phrase at issue in the context of discussing reasons for Hillary Clinton's win in New Hampshire over Obama.

Rather, Cuomo used the term in the context of the frantic pace and mayhem of a presidential campaign, and its demands, without reference to any candidate or to the outcome in New Hampshire.

Its use was perfectly benign.

The Attorney General didn't deserve the criticism he received over this comment, including the criticism leveled by us.   For this reason we've corrected that posting cited above by removing the references to the Attorney General and to the comment that created such a stir.

You can read the transcript here.

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