Monday, January 14, 2008

Papa Doc Sends In the Tontons

It's reported to us that the patriarch of the Koon family dynasty was being very indiscreet in a Pittsford barbershop the Saturday before last.

That's where Assemblyman David "Papa Doc" Koon is reported to have boasted about working the phones himself, to turn out Democratic supporters from outside East Rochester to attend the January 2 meeting of the ER Village Board.   This in order to have some vocal support at the meeting for Hizzoner Jason "Baby Doc" Koon, Mayor of East Rochester.

Baby Doc had a bad night at the previous meeting, just before Christmas.   A roomful of angry ER residents confronted him for incompetencies such as firing the Village Attorney, even though he had no power to appoint a replacement.   Evidently, the law lets him fire the attorney, but doesn't let him hire a new one without approval by the Village Board.   This apparently was too complicated for the match-book-cover lawyers of the Odorisi Law Firm, who have been programming Baby Doc, to figure out before they had him fire the old attorney.

At the next Village Court session, more than a dozen cases had to be put off because there was no attorney to represent the Village.   Duh.

But Papa Doc's tonton macoutes fulfilled their assigned task and voiced support for the scion of the dynasty at the January 2 meeting, supplementing the voices of the ER residents who spoke out, again, against the Mayor.

Now, you'd expect a father to help out his son.   We'd actually think less of David Koon if he hadn't done something to shore up Jason.   There are many more useful forms of help the elder Koon might have offered, such as advice on how not to look stupid in public by asserting powers you don't have, or learning how to count to three, which is the number of votes it takes to pass anything on the East Rochester Village Board.

But the part we can't figure is this:   why did David Koon have to mouth off in the barber shop about his personal efforts to contrive a showing of support for his confused offspring?

Bad move, Papa Doc.   You trying to prove that poor judgment runs in the family?


Cincinnatus said...

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with the Koon Family -- they are displaced west virginians.

Baby Doc's comments are appropriate for the mayor of Bugtussel -- not upstate ny

repoman said...

I actually find it remarkable that Mayor Koon claims to be fighting nepotism and cronyism in ER. Is it possible that anyone believes he could have been elected had he not been David Koon's son?

It doesn't bother me when political "charges" like nepotism are raised. I just have a hard time with the hypocrisy.

scape32 said...

Rumor has it that Coattail Koon fired the Village Nutritionist because all she did was make sure village employees were well fed.
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a.gonzales said...

My sincere concern as a taxpayer and homeowner in town is not the incompetence of the Koon family's political manuever - anyone can raise a mob few can have a true plan or vision; but the motivation of this family.

By slowing down the court system, the Koons have but 17 code enforcement cases on hold. By putting in doubt the legal representation of the village the viability of these cases on appeal comes in question. So I wonder outloud,"who are the Koons, or their legal advisor Mr. odorisi, representing?" Are they helping the slum lords avoid their legal and moral responsablity to their neighbors and tennants? Is anyone whispering to their clients "don't worry we have a mayor in our pocket, we'll break or "brake" those cases." No one has answered this or looked into this. I am calling out to the press, and media to look into this and clear up the doubt. Because if their is a conflict - well lets get rid of it. If their isn't - well this level of incompetence should not be tolerated and my neighbors should be very active in supporting the men that have always protected the village from outside threats - Flanigan, Florak, Alisi.

I know we have already begun to govern again, and after another evening of watching the young Mr. Koon display his inexperience I fully understand the meaning of Experience vs Change.
I wish I was this passionate six months ago, because maybe this could have been avoided.
Hope springs eternal, and I am now becoming an active member of a concerned community as I write and talk to anyone who listens.

It really is not about taxes, politics or personalities... it’s about how we continue to enhance our village’s value and values.

A. Gonzalez

A. GONZALEZ said...

I make the following comment to show my neighbors that while critical, I also supply an alternate route.

While I despise the high taxes in this state, this county, this village, I fully understand the idea of value in my tax dollar. I also understand and witnessed how aging housing stock is a prime breeding ground for shortcuts in revenue. Every northeastern U.S. city deals with this daily. The hardest route is rebuilding on old land and the village of East Rochester over the past 5 years has begun this hard task. Now comes the hard part - residential lots. Land use is the key to resolving disputes in taxes, and perceived values in these taxes.

On Matt Foxes' blog he addresses some great visions on land use.

I just posted my vision on land use in our village on that site.

If I am asked, "do you want a tax cut that is about $50.00 a year, or do you want to chip in $100.00 towards converting a run down apartment into a condo? - I vote for the investment. Because an invested neighbor cares more. And our village needs more invested neighbors!

My motto: It really is not about taxes, politics or personalities... it’s about how we continue to enhance our village’s value and values.