Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

After more than a month, County Legislature President Wayne Zyra has crawled out from under his desk, and actually spoke to a news reporter yesterday.   He might as well have remained in hiding.   His weak and defensive comments did nothing at all to get out the truth about a public defender selection process that's been completely hijacked by Assemblyman, bully and con-artist extraordinaire David Gantt.

It's hard to believe that county Republicans, regarded in some circles as diabolical political masterminds, have blown it so completely over the public defender.

They've blown the opportunity to show the public how it's David Gantt who's politicized the process.

They've blown the opportunity to make the case of how Bar Association President Tom Smith has sold out his organization to Gantt.

In short, they've lost the public relations battle on this issue.   But on second thought, they haven't.   They haven't lost anything.   They conceded it by never even trying in the first place.

The county Republicans' complete failure to speak out on this issue, and to make their case, is as baffling as it is unexpected.

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