Friday, October 1, 2010

No More Panels. No More Czars.

So political drag queen Andrew Cuomo pledges, if elected, to appoint Robert Duffy, who would then be Lieutenant Governor, to head a panel for improving the Upstate economy.


How many more upstate economic panels or "czars" are we going to have, all of which end up accomplishing bupkis?   Can you even remember the name of the most recent "upstate economic czar?"


What have they accomplished?   What policy have they changed that has made even one of the costs of doing business in NY -- taxes, insurance, labor, electric power, regulatory compliance or anything else -- as inexpensive as it is in any of the Free States?

What have they changed?   Nothing!   Not one of the state policies that drive business and jobs out of state.   Umpteen czars and panels later, reform has not even begun, and we're nowhere close to it.

Stop sugar-coating New York's reality.   Stop trying to placate New York's hapless serfs with another do-nothing panel.

We don't need another panel to travel about the state talking about the problems, when the real issues are job-killing taxes and anti-business policies.

The serfs are restless.   We want state government to do the real work to change dysfunctional policies -- not the meaningless busywork of another "panel."

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