Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mark Scuderi Event Tonight

Support Republican Assembly Candidate Mark Scuderi in his campaign against political drag queen Joe Morelle.

Mark has a fundraiser tonight at the Wintonaire; $30 gets you in.


cheri said...

Thank you for putting up Mark's invitation! Should be a great time!

As I'm sure you are aware Joe- 20 year Morelle has plenty of funds to run commercials and send mailers almost daily. All those special interests have come in handy for Joe.

Mark can't compete financially of course but he really is the better candidate! Morelle is an entrenched career politician who listens to puppeteer Silver all of the time. He needs to go.

Morelle's financial disclosure statement reads like a catalog of favors (tons of insurance companies and union donations.)

I'm hoping November 2nd that people are finally going to take a stand against Albany and Vote Smart!

I guess we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Reilich and GOP HQ doing more to help scuderi? I always thought both he and Mark Johns were decent candidates, but based on what help Reilich is giving them you wouldn't think he wanted them to win. Its certainly not a money problem -- they keep raking it in ($1M/year??) but no one knows where its going. Shades of Minarik??