Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enemies of Truth

All 2010 Fair Election Practices Committee Decisions have been Unanimous -- its Democratic Members Supported Every Ruling

Democrat-pretending-to-be-Republican Mary Wilmot was found guilty by the Fair Election Practices Committee of lying in a campaign mailing.   She accused Senator Jim Alesi of owning a company that had questionable contracts with a local college.

Alesi doesn't own the company and has no ties to it.   New York State corporation records proved it.

Mary Wilmot lied.
  She broke the Fair Campaign Pledge she signed.   The FEPC called her out.

So Democratic Boss Joe Morelle, like an enraged helicopter parent screaming "Fix!" when his kid loses the spelling bee, says the Fair Election Practices Committee is biased against Democrats.

Right.   That's the same Fair Election Practices Committee created by the League of Women Voters and the Interfaith Alliance, two groups whose impeccable liberal credentials are beyond reproach.

It shows that a seasoned fraud like Morelle still has his game.   How do you knock from the front page an inevitable negative story about Wilmot's dishonesty?   Fake an accusation about the Fair Campaign Committee itself!

No need to mention that all of the Democratic members of the FEPC found Wilmot guilty.   The verdict against her was unanimous.

With a complicit Democrat and Chronicle engaged fully as an arm of the Democratic election campaign, Morelle's diversionary attack on the Fair Campaign Committee throws the story on Wilmot's guilty verdict off the front page.

Desperate local Democrats have resorted this year to dishonest campaign advertising to an extent unusual even for them.    That's why they've lost 4 of the 5 Fair Campaign hearings this year. Hearings in which all Democratic members of the hearing panel supported the outcome!

Morelle's claim to be "pulling out" of the Fair Campaign pledge is mere diversionary posturing.   Candidates can't pull out.

We researched the FEPC during the 2007 elections.   Any candidate who signs the Fair Campaign Pledge is entitled to bring a campaign violation charge against his opponent.   The candidate is entitled to a hearing.   If the accused candidate "pulls out" or refuses to participate, the hearing goes on anyway.

So Morelle knows he can't do what he's claiming to do.   It's just a stunt to divert attention from the Wilmot story.

In a fundamental sense, Mary Wilmot's entire campaign is a lie.   Second only to Morelle himself as this season's most flamboyant political cross-dresser, Democrat Wilmot, who headed the local Senate Democratic office, campaigns as a pretend-reformer and pretend-Republican.   This in order to get elected and prevent Republicans from re-taking the State Senate.   And thereby preventing any chance of real reform in New York.

In campaigning, as in criticizing as "biased" a Fair Campaign Committee whose Democratic members have joined all its rulings, Wilmot joins her mentor Morelle as an enemy of the truth.

Anything goes if they think it can fool the rubes long enough to get them elected.   Anything -- anything -- to make themselves and their campaigns appear to be something other than what they really are.


cheri said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this.

Morelle always has an angle. Reminds me of the old bait and switch. Don't look at the Wilmot mailer that is Unfair and Inaccurate! Look over here - the Fair Election Committee is bias and Republican.

What makes me laugh is that the Democrats on the Fair Election Committee ALSO thought the Democratic mailer was UNFAIR! It was a unanimous decision.

I hope voter's can see through the Joe- 20 year -Morelle charade.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the Fair Campaign Board wasn't around when Morelle got in trouble for election fraud!

He probably would have boycotted that ruling too.